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Cabo San Lucas Trash The Dress - Alissa and Dillon

Cabo San Lucas Trash The Dress - Alissa and Dillon

A “Trash the Dress” photo session in Cabo San Lucas can easily transform into the most stunning and unique wedding photos you’ve ever seen. Los Cabos, Mexico is the perfect location for a trash the dress photo session or a post-wedding session. Trash the dress sessions in Los Cabos is a good way to have fun and get incredible photos of bride and groom without the pressure of the wedding day

TTD in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Beautiful San Jose del Cabo trash the dress session


Two days after their gorgeous wedding at The Ganzo Hotel in San Jose del Cabo we had this amazing sunset photo session around the beaches of the East Cape. Nick and Chris are a magic couple that decided to tide the knot after five years together. Five years together without any fight or a little discussion, isn't it incredible? Humongous congratulations to Nick and Christine!!

Photography drones produce beautiful, cinematic aerial shots. These remote-controlled quadcopters offer a panoramic view of your wedding that no one gets to see.  Los Cabos Aerial Wedding Photography  provides couples with this unique perspective and incredible photos that document the beauty that surrounds Los Cabos area. More couples are adding drones to their wedding-day wish lists to capture stunning aerial shots of their special day. But don´t forget drones can be noisy and even dangerous in the wrong setting or with an inexperienced pilot, always hire a professional!!

Trash The Dress Photo Session In Cabo, Mexico

Cabo is the perfect location for a trash the dress photo session or a post-wedding session. In this occasion, we went with Maria and Juan Carlos a few days after their wedding day to the Pacific side of Cabo for this sand dune portrait session. We had a lot of fun running on the dunes and drinking a few Pacificos.

So what the heck is a post-wedding session? Post-wedding sessions are just like an engagement session but you’ve got your beautiful wedding day attire on. There are so many reasons why post-wedding sessions are great. Continue on for my top 3 reasons for a post-wedding session!

- You can go to great locations you could never fit into your wedding day timeline or logistics.

- You’ve planned a destination wedding and you want to take advantage of the location.

- You don’t have to worry about getting your wedding outfits dirty. And you can let your hair down!

I get asked this question all of the time, “does the dress really get trashed?” No, your dress will not get trashed, unless of course, that is what you’re asking for.