Elopement in Cabo

Romantic boat elopement in Cabo San Lucas

Romantic boat elopement in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Elopements have become extremely popular in the last years, for good reason. The typical Cabo San Lucas destination wedding can be excessive for some couples. The pressure to create a Cabo event in Mexico for hundreds of guests can be simply too much. Instead, you can sneak off with the one you love and get married on your own terms. These intimate ceremonies are incredibly powerful, the vows you make can be filled with so much emotion because you don’t have a room or a beach of all of your friends and family staring at you.

Cabo Elopement Checklist:

  1. Your partner and you :)

  2. An officiant, this be a friend or  family member who is ordained

  3. Flowers are typically nice, favorites include.

  4. You’ll need two witnesses, I’m always happy to be one of them.

  5. There are Cabo wedding planners that specialize in elopements.

  6. Once you have a spot, it’s typically best to either shoot near sunrise or sunset.

  7. Don’t forget a bit of champagne ot Tequila!