Wedding in the East Cape , Los Cabos - Mexico


East Cape Wedding, Los Cabos - Mexico

This gorgeous and intimate wedding took place at The East Cape of Los Cabos, Mexico.

Elisa and Gerardo are cute in a way that is immediately infectious, and the way they are with each other is even better. This couple is a big fan of the beach and they know There’s nothing better than surf, sand, and waves… for that reason, they wanted to get married in a unique location in front of the Ocean.

Big congratulations to Elisa and Gerardo. Thanks for having me as you Los Cabos wedding photographer!!

Heading northeast out of San José del Cabo is an unpaved road leading to the area called The East Cape or Cabo del Este. This is one of the most scenic drives in Los Cabos, but better yet, the road passes dozens of beautiful beaches, most of which are deserted and with very good waves for surfers

Beaches to discover and enjoy along the road to Punta Pescadero on the East Cape. Punta Pescadero Paradise Hotel is the main hotel and resort in this area.