Five Tips for a Smoother Los Cabos Wedding Day

Tips for a smoother Los Cabos wedding day / Gvphotographer. Bridesmaids helping the bride with her wedding dress in front of the window on her destination wedding in Los Cabos

Five Tips for a Smoother Los Cabos Wedding Day

Being a full time Los Cabos photographer for more than nine years, I have seen a few wedding days. I’ve seen what makes the day go smoother, and what makes a chaotic wedding day. Here are five suggestions—not just photography related—to make your Los Cabos wedding day go smoother.

1. Be aware of the weather for your wedding day

Expect sunshine 350 days a year in Cabo due to its desert climate and the Californian Gulf breeze. Winter months average in the mid 70's, while summer months can get just above 100 degrees, so pack accordingly and don't forget floppy hats, sunglasses, and sunblock. Evenings do cool off significantly due to less humidity. The best time to visit Cabo is from May to June after the bird migration, but before the hurricane season.

Bride dancing with her best friend on a hot night in Los Cabos
Bride posing on the rocks during her trash the dress session a couple of days before her wedding day in Los Cabos, Mexico

2. Use a “A first look”

I know there’s the whole superstition about the groom not seeing the bride before the ceremony. And this tip is a little self-serving because first looks are so great from a story-telling perspective. They make great content for wedding albums.

The groom will appreciate a first look. Why? Because he is going to cry when he sees you. Men don’t like to cry in front of an audience, so let him do it in private. Besides, when you see how great the photos turn out, you’ll be glad you did it.

Bride and groom during their first look at their Cabo destination wedding. Bride hugging and laughing her fiancé

3. Build in extra time to the timeline

Remember to include travel time in your timeline. If you are on a big resort (here in Los Cabos area these could be the Riu or Pueblo Bonito, Hyatt Ziva to move from your room or from the spa to another wedding area this could take several minutes.

You should assume that everything will take longer than you think it will. Hair and makeup—you think it should take an hour. That would probably be true in most cases, but on your wedding day, you’ll have your sister, cousin, etc. interrupting asking you questions about the day. I would add at least 15-20 minutes longer than you think it should take, but 30-40 minutes would be safer.

Groom watch deatil captured by talented gvphotographer
Aerial photo of bride and groom laying down on the beach during their trash the dress session with gvphotographer

4. Maintain Your Blood Sugar

Depending on the time of the ceremony, many brides will begin getting ready before lunch but will not eat anything until the reception, several hours away. You will be nervous and anxious during this day, which coupled with a lack of food can cause you to experience low blood sugar.

Avoid this by eating a meal with complex carbohydrates before you begin getting ready. Avoid refined carbs because they will cause a blood sugar spike followed by a sharp drop.

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

As stated previously, wedding days tend to be long days, especially for the bride. I know you’re going to be anxious and excited the night before your wedding, but try to get a good night’s sleep.

This goes for the groom as well. I don’t know why the tradition got started of the groom having “one last night of freedom.” I’ve seen several grooms who are so tired and hungover they can barely stand during the ceremony. Let me be straight and to the point: That’s not any way to win points with your bride, the new in-laws, or with relatives you haven’t seen in some time.

Bride dancing with her friend on her wedding day

Guys, if you really want to have a night of debauchery, do it a week or two before the wedding. That way, you’re in good condition for the rehearsal, the wedding, and the reception.

An added benefit of this is you’ll look well-rested in the wedding photographs and you’ll have the stamina for the wedding night

Cabo Wedding Photography

Doing wedding photography in Los Cabos requires the ability to work quickly and effectively. There are so many locations and expertise in event photography is essential for capturing a wedding. The amazing selection of venues makes a beautiful backdrop for awesome wedding photography. Los Cabos has the distinct ability to offer luxry venues or calm and isolated beaches of the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.

Wedding photography is a passionate art for me, so I try to make each location unique and special. Even at locations I haven't shot at before, I am always looking for new angles and lighting to make my images pop and stand out. There are so many beautiful locations, ranging from the grogeous cliffs in the Pedregal to the many scenic and luxury hotels that dot the shorline, to the organic farms like Flora Farms and Acre, the calm waters from the Sea of Cortez to the west coast of the Baja Peninsula and much more.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email myself at and I will be happy to make sure you are making the right decision for your needs.

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