Los Cabos trash the dress photo ideas

Bride and groom during her trash the dress session in Los Cabos. Both of them are laughing as the groom is holding his beautiful bride from behind on the beach

Great photo ideas for your Los Cabos trash the dress session.

Trash the dress photo sessions are one of the things that I like more to photograph in Los Cabos. Each couple is a new adventure for me and I am dedicated to giving you photographs that will blow your mind. Here you have a few ideas and examples of photo shoots in Cabo Mexico with different brides and grooms:

  • From the air with a drone

  • Under the water

  • Jumping off a cliff

  • Running on the dunes

  • Around down town

Here you can read a few testimonials from different brides:

  • “I did trashed my dress and loved it. I actually did it twice. I want to make it a tradition to do it every year.”

  • Wow Gonzalo! I still can't get over how amazing these look. Thank you for posting these on your blog. You are an absolute MASTER !! We had so much fun with you and your beautiful images made us look like celebrities Haha Seriously, we enjoyed our sessions with you sooo much. We cannot wait to see our wedding photos. Thank you for everything !

  • “I trashed my dress. The dress hadn’t been dry cleaned yet so I took some great trash the dress pics then dry cleaned it. It came out good as new and now I am choosing between consignment or donation.”

  • “I trashed my dress in the ocean in Mexico and the pictures are amazing. Everyone loves them and the dress was dry cleaned and still looks brand new.”

  • “We did some fun after-the-wedding pictures. But I didn’t trash it, I could never do that. On the big day you are so busy and don’t want to get dirty, so during our ‘cherish the dress’ photo session a month later, we did fun things like laying on the ground and on the swings. The pictures turned out great and I got to wear my dress again! After, I hand washed the bottom hem and it is as good as new.”

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